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How Video Marketing is influencing the future of Healthcare

InVideo Team
InVideo Team
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Video marketing is powerful. It’s effective. And yes, it’s result-oriented too.

It’s only because of the results that it brings in for businesses that video marketing is now used in almost all industries, and healthcare is not an exception.

You can use the best video editor tool for creating healthcare videos and seize the chance to connect with patients authentically and educate them on different ways of living a healthy and hearty life.

Why Video Marketing is Effective in the Healthcare Industry

There are three reasons behind the success of video marketing in the healthcare industry, and they are as follows:

  1. People grasp ideas and topics better when they see them instead of hearing about them. Around 90% of the information processed by the human brain is visual. This reason is enough to prove the efficacy of videos when used in the healthcare industry.
  2. Videos go a long way in humanizing organizations. They are highly effective in conveying emotions, something which is not possible with textual content. Videos help in making connections and bonds with people. When businesses are able to make personal connections, they culminate in action on the part of the prospective clients, and this further results in conversions.
  3. A healthcare organization can use video content to differentiate itself from others. It’s very difficult for healthcare companies or practices to stand out online with the help of just written information. A perfect blend of informative content and real-time visuals effectively draws search engines and people to your site and presents the exclusive services your healthcare company has on offer.

Different Ways of Using Video Marketing for Educating and Influencing Patients

Videos go a long way in humanizing brands, and if there’s one industry that greatly benefits from personal interactions, then it’s healthcare. Hospitals and doctors' chambers usually tend to feel disconnected and cold.

In such a scenario, using videos can help patients feel connected and important. Healthcare organizations can use different kinds of videos to attract and educate patients. Let’s dive in and explore the types:

Testimonial Videos

There’s hardly any individual who does not like hearing success stories. Testimonial videos instantly connect with individuals on an emotional front. This further helps prospective customers trust healthcare organizations.

Welcome Videos

Website welcome visuals are one of the best ways of reaching prospective patients. These videos are great at introducing patients to healthcare systems, hospitals, and offices while informing them about the services on offer.

Top-quality and effective healthcare video marketing keep patients fully informed while also ensuring that they retain crucial information without using the services of dedicated staff. This also helps in saving the time of busy physicians.

Doctor Profile Videos

This is an era of the internet where people research doctors and hospitals online before scheduling appointments with them. These days, people want to know everything about their doctors and not just their qualification and specialization.

Therefore, incorporating doctor profile videos on the site of a healthcare provider is one of the most wonderful ways of introducing a doctor to a patient. The introduction happens even before the patient steps inside the doctor’s cabin.

Using videos makes it very easy for healthcare organizations to present an introduction for their patients who want to connect with physicians instantly. Patients are more likely to schedule appointments with prospective doctors whom they connect with and know about in detail.

Videos Providing Information about Conditions and Procedures

Videos are one of the best ways to calm someone’s fears and explain how a process works. Informative videos provide patients with everything they need to know. They may or may not ask questions about a certain procedure if they watch videos of the same.

Healthcare organizations can also use videos to educate patients about different conditions. The condition-related visuals are highly effective when it comes to educating patients about the signs and symptoms of certain complications and the different ways of preventing the same.

Healthcare organizations also can create videos covering recent medical news or special conditions. These help potential patients in deciding to schedule appointments.

Different Ways in Which Video Marketing is Influencing Medical Practice

There are different ways in which video marketing is influencing the present and even the future of healthcare and medical practice. They are as follows:

1. Increase in Click-Through Rates

Studies show that users visiting a website are more likely to buy products after watching videos created by the business or store. The same applies to the healthcare industry as well. Medical practice and healthcare videos can increase click-through rates by two to three times.

2. Videos Can Make Your Practice Stand Out

Using medical content videos to inform patients about medical issues and provide them with necessary information can make a practice unique from other practices. It offers patients and clients the chance of getting to know a healthcare company even before availing its services it in person.

Healthcare organizations are now going a step further and clarifying which products and services they provide so that patients get a clearer understanding of their practice and the way it can benefit them. All this and more is being achieved through the best video marketing statistics .

3. Video Quality is Crucial Here

Simply limiting yourself to using videos you’ve edited using video editing tools and thinking ‘this is the best video maker tool for healthcare’, will not bring you success. Make a great video that instantly works in attracting the target audience’s attention.

After all, there’s no point wasting your time and effort in creating a healthcare video if the target viewers do not enjoy watching it. Remain completely focused and know what your audience likes watching and what works for them accordingly.

4. Provide Exposure for the Healthcare Industry

There’s no use creating online textual content in the healthcare segment, as it is getting saturated pretty quickly. Major medical sites upload new content regularly. This is making it even more difficult for healthcare sites to stand out with just the use of articles.

Video marketing in the healthcare industry effectively balances out the competition while allowing websites to gain exposure simultaneously.


The healthcare industry is a changing and growing arena. Video marketing comes as one of the greatest tools for educating potential and current patients in this field. Healthcare organizations can even show their personal side with the use of videos. This further helps enhance patients' experience and boost engagement.