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Freshest Episodes

Dr. Janice Hughes

Advantages of business coaching in healthcare with Dr. Janice Hughes

Business Coaching

In this episode we discuss business coaching in healthcare and how that can transform your practice Other topics are:

  1. The importance of business coaching
  2. Having a unique selling proposition
  3. Why you need to know your ideal patient

Dr. Ryan Rieder

Brand Building In Healthcare With Dr. Ryan Rieder

Brand Building

In this episode we discuss branding in healthcare and how it can make up for a future-proof medical business. Other topics are:

  1. Brand building in healthcare
  2. How to integrate core values in your business processes
  3. The importance of outsourcing

Mrs. Susan Meier

Branding And Business Positioning In Healthcare With Susan Meier

Branding in healthcare

In this episode Susan from Susan Meier Studio discusses what branding is and what it is not. She also go over the importance of positioning your healthcare brand and how to do it. Other topics are:

  1. How To Better Communicate With Your Target Audience
  2. How To Position Your Medical Business
  3. What Exactly is Branding?

Dr. Steven Rasner

Building brand culture of trust with Dr. Steven Rasner

Trust-driven practice

In this episode we discuss how you can build trust for your practice and cultivate it with your team Other topics are:

  1. How to start organize meeting for such initiatives
  2. How it can transform your practice
  3. Importance of trust building

Dr. David Moffet

Building The Ultimate Patient Experience With Dr. David Moffet

Patient Experience

In this episode Dr. Moffet discusses how you can overhaul your practice processes from start to finish, building unforgettable patient experience. Other topics are:

  1. How to boost your practice's customer service
  2. How to revamp your patient experience
  3. Retaining Existing Patient Vs Acquiring New patients

Dr. Josh Luke

Cutting Healthcare Business Expenses With Dr. Josh Luke

Healthcare Expenses

Today dr. Luke lifts the veil on some of the unspoken about matters in healthcare. We'll also look on how to cut your business expenses. Other topics are:

  1. How to cut business healthcare expenses
  2. Price transparency in healthcare
  3. Unspoken about matters in healthcare

Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez

Healthcare Entrepreneurship With Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez


Today Dr. Ernesto share with us his business strategies that helped hundreds of medical professionals enjoy greater practice growth. Other topics are:

  1. How his company is helping practitioners skyrocket their revenue
  2. Building Personal Brand
  3. Taking a hold of healthcare business side of things

Mr. Alex Membrillo

Healthcare Inbound Marketing With Alex Membrillo

Inbound Marketing

In this episode Alex from Cardinal Digital Marketing discusses how you can build your brand using inbound marketing strategies like content marketing and SEO. Other topics are:

  1. Inbound Marketing Strategies
  2. Traditional Advertising Vs Digital Marketing
  3. Social Media Or Search Traffic?

Mr. Codrin Arsene

Healthcare SEO Marketing With Codrin Arsene

Healthcare SEO

In this episode Codrin from Digital Authority Partners discusses how you can build your brand using SEO tactics and content marketing strategies. Other topics are:

  1. Why SEO is the best long-term strategy to grow your healthcare brand
  2. How patients convert from regular readers of your article to an active patient
  3. PPC (Digital Advertising) VS SEO (organic traffic)

Dr. Christopher Phelps

Increase Your Case Acceptance With Dr. Christopher Phelps

Case Acceptance

In this episode Dr. Phelps discusses how you can increase your case acceptance rate and build long-lasting relationships with your patients using persuasion strategies. Other topics are:

  1. 5 reasons patients you're not getting a "yes" from your patients
  2. How to increase case acceptance
  3. Cost-effective marketing strategies to attract new patients

Dr. Gary Wortz

Personal Branding For Doctors With Dr. Gary Wortz

Personal Branding

Today Dr. Wortz share with us the importance of personal branding and how it can benefit medical professionals. Other topics are:

  1. Building a personal brand
  2. How to grow your brand
  3. Common myths about personal branding

Dr. Tiffani Long

Social media marketing in dentistry with Dr. Tiffani Long

Social Media Marketing

Being an adpoter of social madia marketing, Dr Tiffani shares with us her experience on social media Other topics are:

  1. Importance of social media
  2. How to balance marketing efforts while staying within your role as a practitioner
  3. How social media builds trust for your medical brand